Artist - Sean Anoma 


The #Colourandshapestudies exhibition is an in-depth perspective to the artists background into painting, street art, graffiti and contemporary display. 

The ideas spawned from a glitches on the artists laptop, the artist started to capture these anomalies - which were forming all of his designs on photoshop into bright and bold nuanced designs. The start was to study and understand these glitches realising these amazing forms of different shapes, detailed textures, bright overlays of colour and dimensions of the negative, and positive spaces. 

These glitches coming to life became a phenomenon for my already focused interest into different shapes and textures. With that, to create them in the real world became a freedom and transcendence for each glitch from a digital format to becoming artworks, that are now my design and study of #colourandshapestudies an on-going study/practice that with each work becomes a new identity but a bond to the colour and shape studies.

Most of the vision for each work is a 3-dimensional experience for the viewer with my on-going experimentation into referencing street textures from out in the public e.g.brick walls, concrete walls, decaying walls, scrapped walls etc.  into formal expressions on canvas.

Revitalising my interest with textures I like to show an imprint of human touch and quality through different uses of mark making. Another form I use is mirror effect, carefully using one design and mirroring it into different displays, creating an effect yet to be understood for myself but broadens the spectrum of where the #colourandshapestudies will go 

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